Cirugia Plastica Costa Rica

Cirugia Plastica Costa Rica

In an era where upholding an image is paramount to how society views you, you have to change with the times. Finding the right clinic to handle all your plastic surgery can be a tricky endeavour to take on. We at Clinica Rivera have all your needs covered as we have a complete team that can take care of any of your needs be it facial or body surgery.

We specialize in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. Our company has been around for a long time so we know what we are doing. During our consultation, we will offer you virtual reality lenses. This is the latest technology that will enable you to see how your body will look once the operation is complete.

We solely rely on avant-garde equipment, it is our tradition to always stay ahead of technology in Costa Rica.

We offer a variety of treatments
If you don’t want surgery done or your budget is limited we offer a wide array of creams to tackle the aging process. Not only that our creams appeal to your overall sense of health. Some of the creams we have are lightening cream Neostrata illuminating serum, Neostrata Matrix support SPF, Neostrata Bionic Face Serum, Neostrata Exfoliating wash and the Neostrata Clarifier Kit for all those unwanted blemishes and spots. We have a full range of creams to help you with just about any problem. On our website, you can browse all of our products plus their prices.

Alternatives to surgery
Many people prefer not to go under the knife either because it is too expensive or they fear the recovery time will take to long. This is why we have employed various treatment options that do not include surgery. Some of these alternatives include Velashape 3, V10 by Viora, Thermage, Ultherapy, Icon by Cynosure, ThermiRF, E-Two Sublative, Thermo 250 smooth. Surgery is still a viable option but with so much alternative options it would be wise to venture into one of them first before undergoing surgery.

When all else fails to go for surgery. Not everyone is happy with their appearance and you should have a say in changing that appearance. That is why we dedicate ourselves at Clinica Rivera to be that last hope for many who have suffered years of turmoil because of their looks or the way their body looks. We offer the following procedures, Breast Augmentation(recovery time 7 days), Vibrolipo (12 days) , Breast lift (14 days), Buttocks increase (14 days) and Abdominoplasty (10 days).

Facial and neck surgery
If your problem areas are your neck and your face we have this covered as well. Maxillofacial surgery would take away all the problems you would have. We perform reconstruction, alteration, and modification surgeries the will have you looking like a new person.

This is why we at Clinica Rivera are the leaders in Costa Rica when it comes to plastic surgery. We have a specialist in all our fields so you won’t have to worry about who will do the operation. Schedule an appointment so that we can change your life and your looks.


Cirugia Plastica Costa Rica
Clinica Rivera
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