Clinica Zahha

Clinica Zahha

The market for cosmetic dermatology has grown by leaps in bounds in recent years. This is due to the big demand for the youthful look, which has made people of both sexes, from all over the world to seek the best treatments in an effort to find the elixir of youth. Fortunately for Costa Rica, Clinica Rivera is one of the experts to hold Clinica Zahha.

Expert Team

Although Dr. Christian Rivera Paniagua is a well-respected plastic surgeon who owns the biggest plastic and reconstructive surgery in Costa Rica, he has chosen a team of experts to work with him. This has allowed Clinica Rivera to have the capacity to give service to more people simultaneously. The team also ensures that there are more heads that share knowledge and expertise in addressing concerns brought to them by the people.

Available Treatments

Admittedly, more people seek Dr. Paniagua for his expertise and ability in cosmetic surgery. Yet, he is also known and respected for reconstructive surgery. Burn patients or those who have had accidents that left them scarred or disfigured, clinics like Clinica Rivera give hope of facing the world again looking close to their original face before the tragedy happened.

Skin rejuvenation, on the other hand, is at the heart of all cosmetic procedures done in the clinic. People come wanting to have clear, clean, and healthy skin. As such, the clinic provides treatments and products that help us all have healthier, cleaner, and more beautiful skin.

Treatments may either be surgical or non-surgical. The world has known surgical procedures before they did find out about non-surgical treatments. With the advent of non-surgical procedures, more people flocked to clinics to avail of treatments, proving that surgery makes people scared even with the promise of resurfacing a youthful skin and looks.

New Technology

Innovation and advances in technology have thankfully happened and brought greater capabilities to perform non-invasive treatments to those who want to look young. Some of the new technologies now include the following:

Laser treatment. Laser treatments could include Laser and Pulse Light (IPL) which removes skin discoloration and lifts sagging skin.  Or it could come in the form of the ablative laser treatment, which is meant to peel the outer layer of the skin.

Ultrasound. This technology, traditionally known for imaging purposes in the hospital, is now used in gadgets and devices used to stimulate the skin cells. The stimulation may be done for a variety of purposes- for you to generate new collagen, perhaps increase metabolism, or reshape the face or body.

Choose What’s Right For You

Clinica Rivera is the biggest plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic in the whole of Costa Rica. The services it provides, however, is not limited to surgery. There is a whole gamut of non-surgical procedures that people may avail to keep the skin healthy, clean, and young- looking. Check out this Clinica Zahha, be pampered from head to toe by its team of experts and get your skin rejuvenated. Call now for more information.

Clinica Zahha
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