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Costa Rica is renowned as a favorite tourist destination in Latin America for Westerners, and Costa Rica plastic surgery clinics are known for world-leading cosmetic surgeries at the lowest prices in the world. Costa Rica is just a short plane ride from the US and is home to a large ex-pat community, American retirees, and English-speaking natives, making Costa Rica the ideal place for plastic surgery. Truly a hot spot for medical tourism, some of the best plastic surgeons and medical professionals in the world practice in beautiful Costa Rica.

About Clinica Rivera

Each year, people travel from every country to our Costa Rica plastic surgery clinic to gain access to our highly skilled plastic surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities. At literally a fraction of the cost for the same procedures in your home country, you can buy roundtrip airline tickets, stay in a 5-star hotel or beach resort, and get your plastic surgery done at Clinica Rivera.

Plastic surgery procedures are often thought of as being very routine. However, plastic surgery is a medical specialty that requires extensive schooling and training. All of the staff at Clinica Rivera are the best in the business and operate within the highest international standards for quality and safety.

Is Clinica Rivera a Real Clinic?

A lot of Westerners delay visiting a Costa Rican plastic surgery clinic because they have a picture in their minds of an ungloved high school drop out operating in a third-world chicken shack with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. We have patients from the US and other Western countries who regularly say things like, "Wow! This is a lot better than what I expected! It's just like a real clinic!"

Nothing could be further from the truth regarding the nature of our facilities. For example, if you are from the United States, picture in your mind the nicest doctor's office you've ever seen. Now you have an idea of the facility you'll be getting treated in when you come to Clinica Rivera.

What Do We Do at Clinica Rivera?

Some of our most common procedures are botox injections, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation. Regardless of which procedures you choose, you must make sure that you consult with a plastic surgeon first. That's why we encourage you to contact us. This way, we can make sure you will have enough time to get treated and heal before traveling back to your country.

At Clinica Rivera, we offer a wide range of cosmetic surgeries to repair and improve lost, damaged, aged, or defective body parts. We make people look like the best version of themselves. If you're interested in pursuing cost-effective plastic surgery in a trusted Costa Rica plastic surgery clinic, or if you just want to discuss which plastic surgery options might be best for you, start the conversation with Clinica Rivera today by phone or by email.

Clinica Rivera
+506 8706 1352
Clinica Zaha, Curridabat, San Jose, Costa Rica

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