Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Cost

Costa Rica plastic surgery cost is probably the number one reason people fly to Costa Rica for plastic surgery treatments. Since you probably want to know how much money you would save or if making a trip to Costa Rica would just cost as much staying in your country and getting the plastic surgery done there, let's analyze what we know about the cost of plastic surgery in Costa Rica.

Comparing Prices

Let's compare some of the prices on some o the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States and Costa Rica.

Facelift| US- Aprx. $10,000| CR-Aprx. $2,500
Tummy Tuck| US- Aprx. $7,500| CR-Aprx. $2,500
Liposuction| US- Aprx. $4,000 per section| CR- Aprx. $2,000
Rhinoplasty| US- Aprx. $10,000| CR- Aprx. $3,000
Breast Augmentation| US- Aprx. $7,500| CR- Aprx. $2,500

Let's imagine you're flying from Chicago as your point of origin. From Chicago to Miami would cost approximately $250 one-way, and your flight from Miami to Costa Rica might cost another $220. This is $470. Multiply $470 x2 for a roundtrip flight, and you are looking at approximately $940 total for airline tickets. A 4-star hotel in Costa Rica for two weeks might be around $300. Your cost of food, laundry, and transportation in Costa Rica for two weeks might be another $100.

Making Sense of the Numbers

When you add these numbers up, here's how the math looks:

  • Aprx. $940 for roundtrip tickets from Chicago to Costa Rica
  • Aprx. $300 for lodging
  • Aprx. $100 for food, laundry, and transportation

All this adds up to be approximately $1340. Of course, you can easily spend more money if you want to. For example, if you decided to stay at a 5-star hotel or beach resort, get massages every day, and rent a car for your medical vacation, you can add those costs to this number accordingly.

Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Cost

Now, let's say you're in the market for Rhinoplasty. The average cost for rhinoplasty in North America is around $10,000. You can get this procedure done in Costa Rica for $2,500 - $3,500. We'll just say $3,000.

Add $3,000 for rhinoplasty plus your other basic expenses mentioned above, and you have $3,000 + $1,340 = $4,340. Even if you rented a car, you'd still be well below the average cost for this procedure in the United States or Canada. This means $10,000 (the average cost of rhinoplasty in N. America) minus $4,340 (the cost of plastic surgery and living expenses in Costa Rica) equals a savings of $5,660. Most people would say that's well worth the trip!

More About the Cost

Most plastic surgery procedures in North America are not covered by insurance. At Clinica Rivera, we have financial counselors whose only job is to deal with patients' finances. At your first consultation with us, you'll meet with a financial counselor and decide if plastic surgery something they can do financially. Either way, we know you'll be pleased about the Costa Rica plastic surgery cost, and Clinica Rivera is one of the lowest-cost plastic surgeons in the country.

Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Cost
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